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Service & Specialties

Some of the more common services we offer are detailed below. Please call for more information and pricing: 603-692-4022

Oil Change

We change filters and replace them with Volvo quality filters. We always replace the oil plug gasket to ensure a leak-free seal. We drain and dispose of the old oil, replacing it with the oil weight you specify. Synthetic oil is available at a nominal additional charge.

Brake Work

We provide thorough inspections, and conduct necessary replacements for brakes, rotors, brake lines, anti-lock hardware, pads/shoes, and all related hardware.

State Inspection

We are a certified NH State Inspection station. We inspect all aspects of your cars safety, brakes, lights, emissions, etc. Any and all work required to help you pass inspection can be addressed promptly by our technicians, getting you back out and running in no time!

We have many used parts in stock to save you money. We also have loaner cars available on request, we just require you to fill the gasoline!

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Why Choose Us

  • Stellar reputation for repairing Volvos
  • In business for over 18 years
  • Over 50 years of combined experience
  • Professional sales department